straw cutting machine for making cattle feed

Chaff cutter is a mechanical device for cutting green or dry corn straw,cotton straw, soybean stalk,grass and hay etc into small pieces before being mixed together with other forage and fed to animals. This aids the animal’s digestion and prevents animals from rejecting any part of their food.

1. chaff cutter is designed with compact structure,small size, light weight,with steel structure.

2. Our straw chopping machine for feed has single-phase power, easy to use, even long grass,

3. Our small chaff cutter is safety and reliable:special device to stop the feeding knife accidents.

4. Our chaff cutter can support various power devices:electric  motor,diesel engine,

5. The blade of small chaff cutter is designed with high quality steel,super wear resistant. you want to make feed pellets for animal or making wood pellets for house warming? please find our pellet machine,and wood pellet machine information and features.

mini chaff cutter for making ensilage feed for animal

features of mini chaff cutter

1.the mini chaff cutter has Steel frame, small in size, light weight, convenient to remove

2.the chaff cutter is designed with safety device, avoid chew knife accident, the machine is safe and reliable.

3.the straw cutting machine  for feed Adopting advanced feeding provender device, unique feeding provender roller device (already obtained patent), the automatic feeding, conveying chain not winding grass, feed the grass is smooth, High production efficiency

4.Grass roller drive shaft choose gimbal couplings, compact structure, operating flexible, disassembling convenient.

5.Power supplying have different choice: Motor, diesel engine, tractor both are suitable, especially suitable for the area where lack of electric power.

6.the chaff Cutter with high-quality steel, with a special refining process, super wear-resistant; using high strength bolts, safety and reliability.

7. for animal feed machine, we also have pellet mill,feed grinder used together with the feed pellet making machine

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