animal manure drying equipment with high efficiency for poultry farm

working principle of manure drying equipment

The heat source of the rotary drum dryer comes from the combustion equipment and this animal manure drying equipment uses co-current heating method, so that when the materials to be dried go into the cylinder from the feeding box or feeding chute, they are pushed back by the spiral lifting board. Since the animal manure drying equipment is obliquely installed, the materials flow to the lower end of the fertilizer machine under the gravity and the rotation of the manure drying machine, and on the other hand, the materials are repeatedly lifted by the lifting board to the higher end and then spread down constantly, so that the materials will form a even curtain inside the cylinder and conduct heat exchange with the hot air inside the cylinder. Since the materials constantly spread and the water contained in them will be dried, thus achieving the aim of drying.The rotary drum manure drying equipment is widely used for drying coal powder, slags, clay and other materials in the building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement industry. The rotary animal manure drying equipment has a better adaptability and can dry various materials with a simple and reliable operation.

animal manure drying equipment characteristics :

1. The internal adopts assembled structure which has improved the accuracy of the equipment and the manure drying equipment is easy to transport and install which is used with pellet mill to make feed pellets or fertilizer granules.
2. According to the characteristics of different fertilizers ,we have arranged the second granulation zone reasonably so as to improve the granulationeffect .
3. the animal manure drying equipment adopts assembled hoist board so as to exchange heat fully and lower the energy consumption 
4. Temperature induction monitor ,uniform vibration and airproof setting , which improve performance and productivity efficiently

animal manure drying equipment
animal manure drying equipment

rotary drum cooler manufacturer with best price from China supplier

we are China rotary drum cooler manufacturer,the rotary drum cooler  is a kind of coolers that can deals with a lot of materials. Because rotary cooler has reliable operation and large operation elasticity and a strong adaptable and big capacity of treatment, chicken manure rotary cooler is widelyused for metallurgy materials, construction food, light industry, chemical, coal, pharmaceutical mining industry. The rotary cooleris used for granulate materials, and it is also used for the way that partly
incorporate material, for cool down the sticky pastematerials or the higher temperature
materials.the rotary drum cooler is usually used with fertilizer granulator,fertilizer pellet mill and rotary drum drying machine to make up of a whole fertilizer production line.The direct air swept rotary cooler design consists of a rotating cylinder with internal flighting. This cooler design brings hot product into direct contact with the cooling medium, in a countercurrent flow configuration. The cooling medium may be ambient air, cooled air or special gases. The granulated materials from the drier is delivered to
cylinder of cooler through the grate discharge chute of feeding box of cooler , and then fall into the
lift sheet area , and then the materials is slided to the deep of the cylinder . Owing to that the cylinder
has obliquity and make the rotary action , which make the materials pass several combined lift sheet
by helical form , and exchange with the cool air entering into the cylinder , and then the cooled
materials is discharging from the end of cylinder .
Features of rotary drum cooler:
1.the rotary drum cooler has high cooling efficiency
2.the rotary drum cooler has simple structure, low rate malfunction, convenient operation,
low cost of maintenance,stable operation.
3. Wide usage, can be used for the drying of different materials in powder, granule, strip,
lump, large elasticity of operation. Output is allowed to have larger fluctuations in
manufacturing, but not allowed to influence the quality of the products.
4.the rotary drum cooler machine is very easy to install and remove

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drum cooling machine for organic/compound fertilizer granules in fertilizer factory

Our fertilizer cooling machine is regularly used in compound fertilizer production line, to cool fertilizers with a certain temperature and granularity. If used in combination with a dryer, our cooling machine can largely increase cooling speed, reduce labor intensity, and improve finished-product quality. Meanwhile, the drum cooling machine can further reduce materials’ water content.Additionally, our cooling machines are also applicable for cooling many other powder materials and particles.

features of drum cooling machine

1.The wet materials is sent to hopper by belt conveyor or bucket elevator.

2.the drum cooling machine cylinder is a rotary cylinder of a slightly slop with the horizontal line.

3.The materials are fed from the higher side while the heat-carrying agent enters from the lower side,

which forms countercurrent contact with materials.

4.With the rotating of cylinder, the materials move to the lower end because of its gravity.

Wet materials in the cylinder body directly or indirectly obtains the heat from the heat-carrying agent and become drier.

5.There is shoveling plates in the cylinder body. It is used for putting the materials up and down,

so the contact surface between materials and flow become bigger, improve cooling rate and pushing

materials ahead.

6.Users can use the cyclone de-dust device to remove the dust in the tail gas after cooling.

working pricinple of drum cooling machine

Working principle of the cooling machine Material to be dried enters the drier, and as the drum cooling machine rotates, the material is lifted up by a series of internal fins lining the inner wall of the drum cooling machine. When the material gets high enough to roll back off the fins, it falls back down to the bottom of the cooling fertilizer machine, passing through the hot gas stream as it falls. This gas stream can either be moving toward the discharge end from the feed end (known as co-current flow), or toward the feed end from the discharge end (known as counter-current flow). The gas stream can be made up of a mixture of air and combustion gases from a burner, in which case the dryer is called a direct heated dryer. Alternatively, the gas stream may consist of air or another (sometimes inert) gas that is preheated. When the gas stream is preheated by some means where burner combustion gases do not enter the dryer, the dryer known as an indirect-heated type. Often, indirect heated dryers are used when product contamination is a concern.

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