The corn sheller machine is used to peel the skin of corn

The corn sheller machine is used to peel the skin of corn and make the maize removed from the cob.Using special methods of threshing, the corn thresher can separate the corn from the corn body without breaking the corn cob. The corn sheller machine manufactured by zhengzhou victor machinery co ltd is compact designed and can clearly separate the corn from the corn body and throw the corn at the same time.
The corn sheller machine can separate the corn from the corn
body without breaking the corn cob. The corn shelling machine is compact designed, the corn sheller can completely
separate the corn from the corn body, and throw the corn body on
the other side.

Features of Maize sheller / corn thresher

1.the Vertical Corn sheller with reasonable design, advanced technology, simple operation, safe and reliable, high production efficiency, low energy consumptionI.Safety Caution .etc.

2.the corn sheller is Adopt automatic adjusting device, the corncob will not break after threshing.

3.the corn sheller is with the blower to remove the dust

4.the corn sheller machine has small size , easy to operate , and move easily

After years of experience of wheat thresher machine

After years of experience in the field of agricultural wheat thresher machine, victor machinery company have developed lots of excellent agricultural corn machine. wheat thresher is mainly used to thresh rice and wheat throughly. wheat thresher has the features of compact structure, beautiful shape and reliable operation. Featured by its high production rate, good threshing performance and few loss of grain etc.,wheat thresher is a good helper with farmers.The main function of wheat threshing machine for farm machinery is removing the shells/husks on the surface of wheat by friction of thorn roller. By controlling the friction force through reasonable rotation speed and grain flow-in volume, to achieve best hulling results.

Feature of wheat thresher:

1.wheat thresher machine for farm machinery has soft rubbed processing, very low breaking rate.

2. The wheat thresher machine for farm machinery can be used both as a stand-alone machine and in combination with the 5XZC Series Seed Cleaner, wheat thresher can be integrated according to the specific needs in an existing design.

This wheat thresher machine no residues in the organic grain threshing clean, less loss

This wheat thresher machine no residues in the organic grain threshing clean, less loss, low breakage rate, high cleanness of seeds, safe and convenient operation, suitable for various agricultural unit, seed stock station and seed production of farmer.This wheat thresher machine is of large crops of wheat and barley, plot of field experiment, the selection and breeding for seed, seed threshing cleaning machine, on the threshing cleaning this process, provide the correct data for field experiments, seed quality standardization for seed-breeding basis.This wheat threshing victor machinery is of wheat and barley, rice, sorghum, corn, rapeseed crop of large area of field experiment, on the threshing this process, take off the net, and it is full feeding.

features of wheat thresher

1,the wheat thresher machine has simple structur easy to operate 

2,the wheat thresher machine has ultifunctional , can suitable for rice , wheat , soybean  ,etc 

3,the wheat thresher machine has small size , easy to move , 

it’s the best choice for home use or for small farn harveste 

4,Thresher disk has extra blade , this can make the thresh disk live longer 

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