victor machinery provide corn sheller thresher machine to tear the skin and shell the kernel

victor machinery provide corn sheller thresher machine to tear the skin and shell the kernels.this corn sheller thresher machine Structure: The main working parts of the corn sheller is installed on the machine rotor, through the rotor and the drum hit and threshing. the corn thresher is more widely used types of the corn sheller.the threshing machine has small size, light weight, simple operation, easy maintenance, high production efficiency.the corn sheller thresher Inlet is located in front of the threshing machine. Put the dried corn into the feed inlet, the axis of roller stripping, threshing, separation, Corn cleanliness has rare broken rate and Less Corn kernels in the doping impurities, increasing the amount of harvested crops.The main working parts of the corn sheller is installed on the machine rotor, through the rotor and the drum hit and threshing. It is more widely used types of the corn sheller thresher

Feature of Corn sheller thresher

1. The corn sheller thresher machine adopts four shaft  structure for medium sized sheller, reasonable feed entrance design,  the user can use shovel to feeding  directly .  

2.Shelling draft is far from feeding mouth, and was protected by 

shield strictly, no leak, not easily risk, more safe and reliable.

3.Adopt an advanced skinning design, pure rate is high, broken core  less.

This model new design corn sheller is our new developed models

This model new design corn sheller is victor machinery new developed models which can be used to peel the maize skin and thresh the maize both functions by changing different rollers. The capacity of the corn thresher is higher than old type which much longer life span.Corn husker machine is the equipment that put the corn outer skin peeling off after the corn harvest. the new design corn sheller thresher replaces the manual stripping tension and heavy labor,reducing the labor intensity, improve production efficiency, its broken rate is less than 1%, loss rate lower than 2%. the new design corn sheller machine Can finish husker home work  well, replace manual operations, improve the work efficiency.corn threshing machine is made of roller, rotor composition, feeding device,rack and so on five parts.the screen mesh and the rotor composition together form threshing room, The rotor composition is the main working components, the process of corn threshing is completed in threshing room. 

Features of new design corn sheller

1.The corn sheller can separate the corn from the corn body with complete corn core. 

2.The corn sheller is compact designed and can clearly separate the corn from the corn body, throw the corn at the same time,save labor and time.

3.The corn sheller machine has a high capacity,driven by electric motor or diesel engine.

There are two kinds of corn thresher and peeling machine for your choice

There are two kinds of corn thresher and peeling machine for your choice: the cylinder type corn thresher, and the hammer type corn thresher. The cylinder type corn thresher can not only used for fresh type corn cob, and also be used for dry type corn cob. And it’s threshing rate is 97%-98%. The hammer type corn thresher is mainly used for dry corn cob. And the capacity can reach more than 5 tons per hour.The corn sheller has two driven method: motor driven and gasoline engine driven.Besides, We can also offer corn peeling machine, and also maize grain dryer.The threshing and peeling machine can be two single machines and also an all-in-one machine which has two models—up to down type and left to right type both with the peeling and threshing function at the same time. Customers can choose either of it based on personal requirement.except corn thresher and peeling machine,we also have wheat thresher

Main Feature of  Corn Thresher

1.Of two functions– peeling and threshing corn maize, saving labor and money than the single function machine

2. corn thresher has full automatic, compact designed and it is very easy to operate.

3. corn thresher is able to separate the corn from the corn body without breaking the corn cob. Capable to clearly separate the corn from the corn body and threshing-winnowing the corn at one time

4. corn thresher applies to shell and thresh the fresh sweet corn and waxy corn quickly.