Corn peeling machine is one combinational threshing and peeling machine

Corn peeling machine is one combinational threshing and peeling machine.the corn peeling machine has the functions of shelling and threshing. When finish peeling, just change the rotor of shelling part to the rotor of peeling part, you can use the corn thresher machine threshing corn. Don’t need to change motor. Only one motor can control the two functions. Very convenient, and the corn sheller peeling machine can save a lot of labor.corn peeling machine  is the equipment that put the corn outer skin peeling off after the corn  harvest .the corn peeling machine replaces the manual stripping tension and heavy labor , reducing the labor intensity , improve production efficiency .the corn peeler machine is simple structure,
easy to adjust,safe and reliable use of the motive power for the single phase motor ,a small four-wheel tractor , using a wide , available
for rural specialized households , the linked households purchase .

features and advantages of corn peeling machine

The corn peeling 1.machine adopts the four axis structure of the
large scale peeling machine ,the reasonable feed entrance design ,
with a spade or baskets direct feed .

2, Peeling axis away from the feed inlet , and guard and bracket retaining
strict , is not exposed, less dangerous, more secure, and reliable .

3, the corn peeling machine is using the advanced design of peeling off
the net rate , less broken core .

4, the corn peeling machine has less investment , and the effect , a good
helper for farmers to get rich

the whole maize thresher machine adopts a whole stainless steel manufacturing

the whole maize thresher machine adopts a whole stainless steel manufacturing,matching with a feet round to move convenience ;The operation is in brief and also suitable for various sweet Corn Thresher.

*The the maize thresher machine adaptability is strong — Since the in keeping with factory turns large-scale production,also adapting family workshop to process.

*The maize thresher machine utilization is high — Taking off a grain of depth wants to adjust,sweet corn’s shelling a clean rate can reach to 100%.

*Follow a service — Life long free provide a technique service with zero accessorieses supply,zero accessorieses press product cost price to provide to the customer,the customer uses trust.

This corn sheller is our new developed models which can be used to peel the corn skin the thresh the corn seed once. Labor saving: The corn peeling and threshing machine has filled the market gap in the agricultural market.

the maize thresher machine produced by victor machinery has released the farmers from the heavy manual labor, changed the traditional peeling way. Also, it has won the trust of people because of the time saving and labor saving.

Features of corn thresher
The working process of corn peeler and sheller machine is divided intotwo steps, first pee the skin, second threshing corn seed from corn cob.This corn peeler and sheller machine adopts the peeling and threshing automatic regulation device, so as to reach the effects of peeling,threshing clean and the corncob will not be broken.

corn peeler machine 1

maize thresher can peel the skin and remove the maize from the COB

maize thresher can peel the skin and remove the maize from the COB. the maize thresher is high frequency and can be connected with kinds of tractor. Even if there is no tractor, the maize sheller can be connected with motors both one-phase and three-phase.
This maize thresher machine consists of a single-phase four motor power input spindle assembly through a gear transmission, driving the tore skin Room, the relative rotation of two pairs of steel to tear the skin chamber tear roller adjust the rocker arm bearing adjustment screw by a spring pressure, the two pairs of tear roller close contact, cluster into the tearing room, steel and tear on the roller tearing claw nail shell bract, the relative rotation of two pairs of roller bract rolling the housing, cover and the cover above to get the rubber adjustment board in the rotation to suppress ear, rely on two rollers rotating force and the pressure of the spring opened bract, so with the cluster separation, to tear the skin.

Corn Thresher,which is artistic, facile and practical, is suitable for the farm use in each kind of area, especially suitable for the corn planter household in the Mountainous area and the processing enterprise to use. This product gains the gold prize on scientific and technical innovation of“victor machinery”in Henan Province and the second prize of advance in science and technology in zhengzhouzhou. Its main technical parameter are as follows:Productivity≥600 kg/h, escapes only leads>99%, burble rate≤1%, the electricity consumption of one ton material≤1.2 kw.h/t.