wet type floating fish feed pellet mill requires a boiler to continuously provide steam to the conditioner

wet type floating fish feed pellet  mill requires a boiler to continuously provide steam to the conditioner. The floating fish pellets made by this wet type floating fish feed pellet mill has better quality, and the feed pellets can float on the water surface for more than 12 hours. This wet type fish feed extruder can also be used to make sinking fish feed pellets and other kind of aquatic feed, or this floating fish feed pellet mill can also be used as pet feed pellet making machine to make pet food for cat, dog, etc.

Working Principle of Wet Type Fish Feed Pellet Mill
The material in the extruding chamber of the fish feed pellet mill is subject to high pressure and temperature, making starches gelatinize and denaturing the protein, so that to improve the water stability and digestibility of feed pellet. Meanwhile salmonella and other harmful bacterium are killed in the process. When the material goes out from the outlet of the feed pellet mill, the pressure is released suddenly and the steam blows off rapidly. Then the pellet is formed. A cutting device on the machine will cut the pellets into required length.

Features of Wet Type Fish Feed Pellet Mill
1.Variably configurations of screw bolts are available for different formulas and raw materials.
2.Barrel and screw adopt alloy steel with heat treatment, having a long service life.
3.Cutting speed can be adjusted to cut the material into different length.
4.Molds can be changed to make fish feed pellets with diameter form 0.9 to 12mm.
5.Molds can be changed to produce different shapes of feed pellets.

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