There is no need to heat outside the fish feed extruder machine

There is no need to heat outside the fish feed extruder machine, through the screw extruding of the raw material, heat is produced and gathered during the rotary working process in the airtight environment, and during the high temperature ripening process, the starch and fiber of the raw material become swell. Then under the pressure-tight condition, material will be formed into pellets by shaping mould. At the end, through the high pressure produced by the regular rotating of the screw, after being cut by the forepart cutter which rotates regularly and high-speedily, the finished products will be shrunk and become small average puffed balls in room temperature and pressure.Parameters of dry type floating fish feed pellet mill,Different from dry type fish feed pellet making machine, wet type fish feed pellet machine requires a boiler to continuously provide steam to the conditioner. The floating fish pellets made by this wet type feed pellet mill has better quality, and can float on the water surface for more than 12 hours. This wet type fish feed extruder can also be used to make sinking fish feed pellets and other kind of aquatic feed, or this fish feed extruder machine can also be used as pet food machine to make pet food for cat, dog, etc.

Wide Application of Wet Type fish feed extruder machine
● Capable of high production capacities, this fish feed extruder is suitable for large and medium fish feed plant and aquaculture farm.
● the fish feed extruder machine is suitable for making aquatic feed pellets for fish, shrimp, crab,etc.
● The wet type fish feed machine can also make pet food for cats, dogs, etc.
● Both floating fish feed and sinking fish feed can be produced by this fish feed extruder machine, and this fish feed extruder machineis mostly used as floating fish feed making machine.
● The raw materials of the fish feed extruder machine can be corn, soybean, soybean meal, wheat bran, rice bran, fish meal, etc.

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