A diesel engine is another choice to drive the small pellet machine

A diesel engine is another choice to drive the small pellet machine, together with the clutch and accelerating decelerating Device to change its speed. the small pellet mill is still for the belt to drive the main shaft. The small pellet machine can run smoothly and with Few noises.the small pellet mill is ideal pellet press for personal, family and small plants due to easy operation and maintenance. Pelletizing is the process of making waste materials into solid fuel/ animal feed.The
objects are used for burning purposes and feed the animals. Wood Pellet is one of the most commonly used pelletizing materials. Wood Pellet can be made from any type of Agro-Forestry waste The feed pellet making machine adopts speed-adjust feeder to control the feeding capacity, and use big diameter modulator to make materials fully cured, and
make the pellet smoother. The formation rate reaches 98% .The moisture of raw material is 15%-18%. The final size of the product is between 4-8mm. The capacity is between 0.2-2t/h.The flat die feed pellet mill is developed from flat die feed pelletizing machine. the feed extruder machine is a small pellet press which can process oil cake and other mixed biomass material into granule at one time. The product is columned granule with slippery firm and it can be used to feed animal or burn as biofuel or wood pellets.

Working principle of flat die small pellet machine:

1.material go into the mode of the granulating chamber vertically using its own weight

2.the pressure roller will press the raw material inside the mode holes

3.under the continuous pressure of rollers

4.material will be made into pellet

5.At last, wood pellet machine was sent to the material feeding mouth through scraper feeder

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