all of our powder feed mixer can tolerate about 10% liquid additives

Adding a liquid and pasty materials mixed in the ribbon feed mixer for viscous of cohesive ganule mixing and granule has a good effect, cylinder cover can be made of a wide-open door, so that the equipment for cleaning. the feed blender can be added to the mixer barrel outer jacket, cooling or heating of the material is achieved by injecting the cooling medium to the jacket. Discharge in the form of a phenomenon of material accumulation and mixing dead ends, reliable trim seal, frequent switching lakage.Ribbon mixer is characterized by high mixing precision, and wide application to food, chemical industries, and building lines used with feed pellet mill for making feed pellet. The major sections of a mixer are barrel, ribbon agitators, feeding ports, discharging port and driven unit!!
Double ribbon mixer drive the material from two ends to centre through the help of the outer ribbon, while the inner ribbon push the material from centre to two ends, thus, material achieve a high mixing effect at short time!
Our ribbon mixer can be equipped with heating or cooling jacket if temperature control is required. Besides, all of our powder feed mixer can tolerate about 10% liquid additives! We will add spraying or atomizing unit inside the tank!

Main features of feed mixer:

(1).Short mixing time, high mixing degree of homogeneity:The general material’s degree of homogeneity CV≤5% between 45 and 90 seconds.

(2)The variable range of loading is big: the coefficient of filling is from 0.1 to 0.8,so that it can be applicable to the mixture of different materials with different specific gravity and granularity.

(3) Fast discharge, and leftover is small: The base adopts double- pen long door structure, so discharge fast.

(4)The material can be mixed evenly when added 30% liquid; viscous materials can also be mixed.

(5)The mixing soft make it be used for drying and cooling: Because of it mixing soft,not damage the material’s essence, it can be added hot air or cold wind system to be used for drier or cooler.

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