peanut oil press machine can save 60% labor, one or two people is enough

Working principle of the oil press is a machine power after slowing down to the main shaft, mounted on the spindle squeezer as the rotation, between the threaded oil constantly move forward,because the pressure between the chamber and the pressing screw is gradually reduced, the density of oil is increased, so the pressure gradually increased.During the press process,, between oil particles, oil and friction between parts, the heat generated.Thus constitute the two essential oil process pressure, heat, fuel cells, oil spilled from the oil line, bread is from the port and discharging port between was introduced.When spilled oil through the oil pan into the filter oil drum, vacuum pump the air inside the bucket, bucket form the negative pressure, oil through a filter cloth, is pumped into the barrel, and sludge isolation on the filter cloth, then got is pure oil.Fried material is good or bad,directly affects the quality of oil and the rate of oil production,There is “Three squeezed, seven points to fry material”,the importance in the frying peanut oil press process with peanut roaster machine,and the key to the quality of the stir frying machine and equipment.Our company uses gear transmission gear,installation of vibration reduction and noise reduction device for each model,plate thickening and fried bore volume, is available in a variety of heating heating fuel (coal, electricity, gas, firewood, etc.), extensive heating, frying the material fast design concept, greatly improving the material frying machine using the quality of life and fried seeds, also assembled the oil temperature display instrument, a reversing switch, magnetic energy and other advanced equipment, simple operation, automation degree higher ect.characteristic.

Features of the Peanut Oil Press Machine

1. Labor and electricity savings. This peanut oil press machine  can save 60% labor, one or two people is enough to operate the machine.

2. peanut oil press has high oil yield and pure oil. Use vacuum filter to remove the residue to ensure pure oil qualities and meet standards of health quarantine.

3. Covering little space. The volume of the canola oil extraction machine  is usually 30m2, which is very suitable for small and medium size edible oil production.

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