peanut oil press is the ideal choice for the majority of making oil

Control of the oil press is not affected by climate, North and south of the four seasons, because the oil pan device the heating temperature control system, according to the temperature of the environment and automatically adjust the temperature of crude oil, in order to achieve the effect of fast and precise filter, so are not affected by the influence of season and climate.All the four seasons can press business.Using a variety of fine filtration system device, an increase of pressure oil filter, raising the temperature of crude oil, new oil guide new technology, automatic filtering, pure oil, oil filter and press simultaneously, greatly improving the speed of filtering the oil, convenient and practical, peanut oil press is the ideal choice for the majority of users.One machine with multiple uses.Regardless of the country differences in climatic conditions, the real effect of the boot can be out of oil, the machine the forced feeding device, feeding uniform speed and press speed, can be widely squeeze peanuts, soybeans, rapeseed, sesame, sunflower oil, flax seed, tea seed, cottonseed, prickly ash seed, walnut, Tung seed, castor, almonds and other kinds of oil-bearing crops.

features and advantages of peanut oil

1.Automatic control part by the air switch,ac contactor, automatic temperature control instrument,circuit protection devices, etc composition;

2, The heating press part ,by peanut roaster machine, pressing screw and pressing strip, the body assembly and other  components;

3.The driving part is composed of a main shaft and a reduction box, a belt pulley and a motor wheel;

4.The adjusting part is composed of an adjusting screw, a nut, a handle, a lock nut, etc.;

5.Vacuum oil filter, oil filter part is composed of a vacuum pump pipeline assembly.

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