animal feed pellet machine is widely applied product with mature technology.

animal feed pellet machine  can process the oil cake and other mixed waste material to granule at one time. And it is columned granule feed and have slippery firm ,Animal Feed Pellet Machine is drived by electric motor.To make final Pellet diameter:  3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm

features of animal feed pellet machine

1.the animal feed pellet machine is widely applied product with mature technology.

2.The main driving adopts high-precision gear drive, so that the output of the pellet machine is improved by about 20% when compared with that of belt drive.

3.Imported high-quality bearing and oil seal are adopted to ensure efficient, stable and low-noise whole animal feed making machine operation. The granulating room is equipped with air suction temperature-reducing system.

4.The feeder adopts variable-frequency and variable-speed motor to ensure the quality of discharged particles.

5.Ring dies with multiple kinds of bore diameters are optional, and high-quality craft ring dies are adopted, so that the service life is long, the discharged particles are smooth and the quality is high.

6.International advanced compensation type snakelike spring coupling has the properties of novel and compact structure, high safety, the feed pellet making machine has low noise and low fault rate.

7.Plus-size conditioner and jacket type conditioner are selectable to strength the particle conditioning effect.

Advantages of feed pellet making machine  

1).the feed pellet making machine has simple structure, wide adaptability, covers a small area, low noise. High efficient and low consumption.

2).Powder feed, grass meal doesn’t need or with a little liquid, then can be making for granulation.So basic to the moisture content of grain feed granulating before the moisture of the materials, more conducive to storage.

3).Chicken, duck, fish, cattle.pig, birds, dog, etc, than the mixed powder feed can obtain higher economic benefits

4).Dry processing, the production of feed particle high hardness, smooth surface, internal curing, can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients.


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