ball fertilizer granulator is for making organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer,

ball fertilizer granulator is for making organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, through the motor drive chassis the power of the rotation, high-speed turns into a particle in the round,the ball organic fertilizer pellet machine is generic corollary equipment , with other granulator like roller press granulator , wet-material organic fertilizer making machine etc granulator , which make the pellets to round granules .the fertilizer production line machine by three cast cylinder of material is arranged, followed three times after discharging into round by mouth eduction, finished grain size, consistent densities, roundness of the smooth, high yield,high output, and in the process, can be flexible with one or several graining machine used at the same time, solve the past a granulator must be equipped with a cast circular machine brought about by the process complex, which is big investment, multiple devices have finished goods in quality problems

Application for Organic Polishing Machine:  

1. the bio organic granulation fertilizer which makes peat, lignite, organic fertilizer sludge, straw as raw material;

2. organic granulation fertilizer which makes chicken manure as raw material;

3. cake fertilizer which makes soya-bean cake as raw material;

4. mixed feed which makes corn, beans, grass meal as raw material;

5. bio-feed which makes crop straw as raw material.

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