Corn peeling machine is one combinational threshing and peeling machine

Corn peeling machine is one combinational threshing and peeling machine.the corn peeling machine has the functions of shelling and threshing. When finish peeling, just change the rotor of shelling part to the rotor of peeling part, you can use the corn thresher machine threshing corn. Don’t need to change motor. Only one motor can control the two functions. Very convenient, and the corn sheller peeling machine can save a lot of labor.corn peeling machine  is the equipment that put the corn outer skin peeling off after the corn  harvest .the corn peeling machine replaces the manual stripping tension and heavy labor , reducing the labor intensity , improve production efficiency .the corn peeler machine is simple structure,
easy to adjust,safe and reliable use of the motive power for the single phase motor ,a small four-wheel tractor , using a wide , available
for rural specialized households , the linked households purchase .

features and advantages of corn peeling machine

The corn peeling 1.machine adopts the four axis structure of the
large scale peeling machine ,the reasonable feed entrance design ,
with a spade or baskets direct feed .

2, Peeling axis away from the feed inlet , and guard and bracket retaining
strict , is not exposed, less dangerous, more secure, and reliable .

3, the corn peeling machine is using the advanced design of peeling off
the net rate , less broken core .

4, the corn peeling machine has less investment , and the effect , a good
helper for farmers to get rich

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