corn sheller is a kind of multi-functional corn threshing machine

corn sheller is a kind of multi-functional corn threshing machine.the corn sheller can peel the skin and remove the maize from the cob.the corn sheller machine is high frequency and can be connected with kinds of tractor.Even if there is no tractor,the corn sheller produced by victor machinery can be connected with motors both one-phase and three-phase.Corn threshing machine is one combinational machine. the corn sheller machine has the functions of shelling and threshing. When finish shelling, just change the rotor of shelling part to the rotor of threshing part, you can use the electric corn shelling machine threshing corn. Don’t need to change motor. Only one motor can control the two functions. Very convenient, and can save a lot of labor.

Advantage of corn sheller machine

1.Labor saving.this corn sheller machine can get 500~3000 kg/h ,it can release farmer from heavy manual work and save time.
2.Long service life,our corn sheller machine can be used more than 10 years ,low input and high income,it’s a good choice for the farmer.
3.This corn sheller machine can be supplied according to your needs ,such as power choice (electric motor,diesel engine ,tractor etc ),different color (red,blue,green etc).Throw the corn at the same time. The corn sheller machine is high capacity.

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