corn thresher combinations are special used for maize threshing

corn thresher combinations are special used for maize threshing.They feature on small size,flexible transportation among working places,easy adjustment and usage,high efficiency,high threshing performance,low breakage rate and so on. and this corn sheller machine is drivened by diesel engine or motor, corn threshing machine produced by victor machinery is used to thresh corn kernel from corn cob.After threshing with complete corn cob.
The corn threshing machine is popular both in farm and factory after they harvest corn and it can thresh varies sizes corn.
The corn shelling machine with the features of compact structure,beautiful shape,compact body and reliable operate
convenience to handle,and move flexible.

With the recent surge in the cost of home heating fuel combined with the renewed interest in home gardening and eco-friendly living, growing numbers of homeowners are exploring the use of corn stoves to heat their homes and workshops. This has led to a renewed interest in corn sheller machine from home gardeners who want to produce their own heating fuel by growing, drying and shelling corn for use in corn stoves and furnaces.

Corn shellers are also popular with backyard chicken keepers who grow, dry and shell their own corn as a cost-effective alternative or supplement to commercial chicken feed. Some gardeners plant corn for use as wild bird seed or feed for other small livestock.

corn peeling machine2 maize peeler machine

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