advantages of charcoal making machine


1.This charcoal making machine is designed is reasonable, manufacturing quality and reliable, which has a simple structure, convenient operation with small volume, covers an area of less, save work and save electricity. 2. The design of automatic control electric heating device, can randomly adjust the dry humidity of materials, guarantee the stability of the material forming, improve work efficiency. 3. This charcoal pellet making machine is the main parts adopt wear-resisting material through special processing, so can suppress the production continuously, and durable. 4. the charcoal making machine is very Suitable for all kinds of biomass raw material and forming, and low energy consumption, high production efficiency.
5. Change the three bearing for four of the old machine heart, increase the stability and durability of the machine. 6. Change the old oil lubrication for oil-immersed lubrication, as long as no shortage of oil, can be used for many years.

what raw materials are suitable for the charcoal making machine

the raw materials are wide for the charcoal briquette making machine,most of organic bio agro wastes can be used to make stick charcoal like, wood sawdust,rice husk,rice straw,wheat straw,corn stalk,wheat bran,coco nut shells,olive waste,sunflower waste,bamboo waste,corn cob and so on. we can see that the raw materials for the charcoal briquette machine is very wide and very easy to find around us.we can use these waste and turn them into value.but before we use these wastes,we have to handle them a little simply,such as using a hammer mill grinder to make them into around 3mm powder,and control the moisture content at about 7–12%.


what is called briquette?what can it be used for?

Briquetting is a process where some type of material is compressed under high pressure.If the material is wood, the lignin content of the wood is liberated under this pressure thus binding the material into briquette.

During the compression of the material, temperature rise sufficiently to make the raw material liberate various adhesives. However, to make this process successful, the moisture content of the raw material must minimum be 6%.and raw materials have to be also crushed into 3–5mm powder with crusher machine

The high temperature also causes the moisture in the raw material to evaporate. At high moisture contents, steam pockets may build up during this process thus leading to expansion which will demolish the briquette.

then to make these high quality and density briquettes,what equipment do we should use? for making charcoal fuel,we usually use charcoal making machine to make fuel for BBQ, for making small wood pellets, for house warming in winter,we usually use pellet mill which can make animal feed and wood pellet

features of charcoal making machine

1. it is Easy operation, small volume, saves labor and electricity.

2. Automatic electricity heating controller, can adjust the moisture at any time,

Ensure the shape is good, improve the confidence.

3. the charcoal briquette making machine is adopted special durable material so can produce continuous and last long time.

4. the charcoal making machine is suitable for all kinds of biomass materials’ press molding less energy consumption, high production efficiency.

5. Revised bearing from three to four, make the machine more stable and durable.

6. Widen the screw-pitch to increase the feed quantity, improve the capacity.

7. it is Improved the construction of molding pipe, decrease the friction force

Between the machine and raw material