all of our powder feed mixer can tolerate about 10% liquid additives

Adding a liquid and pasty materials mixed in the ribbon feed mixer for viscous of cohesive ganule mixing and granule has a good effect, cylinder cover can be made of a wide-open door, so that the equipment for cleaning. the feed blender can be added to the mixer barrel outer jacket, cooling or heating of the material is achieved by injecting the cooling medium to the jacket. Discharge in the form of a phenomenon of material accumulation and mixing dead ends, reliable trim seal, frequent switching lakage.Ribbon mixer is characterized by high mixing precision, and wide application to food, chemical industries, and building lines used with feed pellet mill for making feed pellet. The major sections of a mixer are barrel, ribbon agitators, feeding ports, discharging port and driven unit!!
Double ribbon mixer drive the material from two ends to centre through the help of the outer ribbon, while the inner ribbon push the material from centre to two ends, thus, material achieve a high mixing effect at short time!
Our ribbon mixer can be equipped with heating or cooling jacket if temperature control is required. Besides, all of our powder feed mixer can tolerate about 10% liquid additives! We will add spraying or atomizing unit inside the tank!

Main features of feed mixer:

(1).Short mixing time, high mixing degree of homogeneity:The general material’s degree of homogeneity CV≤5% between 45 and 90 seconds.

(2)The variable range of loading is big: the coefficient of filling is from 0.1 to 0.8,so that it can be applicable to the mixture of different materials with different specific gravity and granularity.

(3) Fast discharge, and leftover is small: The base adopts double- pen long door structure, so discharge fast.

(4)The material can be mixed evenly when added 30% liquid; viscous materials can also be mixed.

(5)The mixing soft make it be used for drying and cooling: Because of it mixing soft,not damage the material’s essence, it can be added hot air or cold wind system to be used for drier or cooler.

feed mixer is mainly used to coating,dry power and chemical industry,etc.used to mix various dry power material

feed mixer is mainly used to coating,dry power and chemical industry,etc.used to mix various dry
power material metered in proportion .the feed blender also can be used to mixing feed to cooperate with other processing equipment in medium and small sized farm.addle Mixer, also called Horizontal Non-gravity Mixer, the feed mixer is an advanced machine with high efficiency, high uniformity, high intensity, low energy consumption and low pollution. The feed mixer machine is widely used for mixing powder-powder and powder-granule, especially suitable for materials with big difference in specific gravity or particle size. The  feed mixer machine is widely used in industries such as pharmaceutical, food, feedstuff, chemical, fertilizer, which used together with feed pellet making machine to produce animal feed pellet.our feed mixer machine, SHJ series Mixing Machine is generally used in the mixing of viscous or adhesive powder material, or the mixing of powder which needs to add liquid, and paste material. Meanwhile, because it is difficult to clean viscous material, the machine is suitable for the mixing case, where the output is large and there is no need of displacing material variety frequently

Working principle of feed mixer
the feed mixer Consists of driving part, agitator and twin U-shape cylinder. The driving part is the part through which the decelerator drives the agitator to run with lines of chain or gear driving. Agitator is two shaft paddles, the shafts reversely rotates at the same speed. The paddles on the shaft arranged with a special angle ensure the materials can splash to three directions including radial, loop, axial, forming a compound effect of cross circle, shearing mixing etc.. to achieve uniform mixing in the short time.

small pellet machine can press pellets with diameter 2-6mm

small pellet machine can press pellets with diameter 2-6mm, which can be changed by changed die and roller, there is no strict to length, the small pellet machine can be adjusted by afjusting the screw at the outlet of the feed pellet mill.small pellet machine can press pellet with its own weight, no need adhesive and chemical processing during processing, so end production quality is good. the feed pellet making machine can be connetcted with both 380v and 220v power pressure, so the small pellet mill is can be according to your actual need. With wide range of the raw materials, such as the sawdust, leaf, straw and many other agricultural waste Stable performance, high output, and low consumption. Easy for maintance, low failure rate, and easy operation.This small feed pellet mill for poultry/animals with small volume is widely used for making animals feed pellets and floating fish feed pellet.the small pellet mill has adjustable length, diameter Φ2-10mm can be produced.feed machine with compact structure, stable and reliable performance is suitable for the use of farming, feed processing plants and self-employed.

Feature and introduction of small pellet machine

1, the small pellet machine has simple structure, wide adaptability, cover an area of an area small, low noise.

2,Powder feed, grass meal doesn’t need to, or with a little liquid can be added for granulation, so basic to the moisture content of grain feed granulating before the moisture content of materials, more conducive to storage. 

3, Dry processing, the production of feed particle high hardness, smooth surface, internal curing, can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients 

4,Pellet forming process can make the resistance factor pancreatic enzyme denaturation of grains, beans, reduce the adverse effects on the digestive, can kill all kinds of parasites and other pathogenic microorganisms eggs, reduce all kinds of insect and diseases of the digestive system.