what kind of raw materials good for disc granulator

1. Agricultural waste: straw, dregs of beans, cotton dregs, rice bran,etc.

2. Animal manure: mixture of poultry litter (PL) and animal waste(AW),such as,Slaughterhouse Waste,Fish Market,Urine and dung of cattle,Pigs,Sheep,Chicken, Ducks, Geese,Goat.etc.
3.Industrial waste: wine lees, vinegar residue, manioc waste, sugar scum, furfural residue etc.

4. Home scrap: food waste, bones, the roots and leaves of vegetables, etc.

5. Sludge: the sludge of the river, the sewer, etc.

what type organic fertilizer granulator is best

disc granulator is the one of the best organic fertilizer granulators. disc supplies materials to the next procedure evenly and continuously; At the same time,the organic disc granulator machine can bear relatively higher pressure. is a fine powdery material feeder suitable for non-cohesive materials like coal powder, cement, chamotte, limestone, shale, gangue and clunch. organic fertilizer pellet mill is widely used in gold concentrator, coal mine, chemical plant, construction and foundry for quantitative and even feeding

Advantages of disc granulator:

the disc granulator for organic fertilizer has simple structure, easy-to-adjust and excellent in performance. This organic fertilizer granules machine is suitable for conveying of materials with granularity less than 50mm, while it is not suitable for cohesive materials, easy-to-flow or hard-to-flow materials. The fertilizer disc granulator for fertilizer is used for producing the medium, low concentration of compound fertilizers. It is also could produce the NPK fertilizer, Organic fertilizer, organic and inorganic fertilizer, compoud fertilizer or other kinds single fertilizers.

fertilizer granules machine to make organic fertilizer granules

This fertilizer granule machine is used to make powder into ball shape .the diameter of the ball fertilizer granules can be made according to the requirement of the customers.The fertilizer pellet mill can also can make other shapes like half-ball shape, rodlike, pill-like shape,etc.The organic fertilizer granules machine have two shaft with one fixed and the other can move ,which can adjust the distance between the two shafts.the materials will be extrude between the shafts.The disc granulator is suitable for the organic material after fermenting .Before granulating , it do not need to dry, crush the raw material , and The organic fertilizer granule machine can be
processed directly , which can save the energy .

features of fertilizer granules machine

1. This organic fertilizer granules machine is used to rounding
organic fertilizer granule.
2. The organic fertilizers with turfs, lignite, sludges of organic fertilizes and straws as materials can be made into granules;
3. Organic fertilizers or organic compound fertilizer granulations with chicken manure (animal manure) as materials;
4. Cake fertilizer granulation machine with bean cakes as  the main materials;
5. Organic fertilizer granules machine with residues of urban rubbish or
sewage treatment plants as materials.