fermentation equipment/compost machine is the part of making organic fertilizer

compost machine which is the one of the fermentation equipment is mainly used to turn and fermentate animal manure,such as chicken manure,cow manure,sheep manure and so on, sludge waste, city waste, bad meal and straw sawdust powder and other organic waste fermentation,this fertilizer equipment is widely used in organic fertilizer production plants,horticulture plantation and other fields fermentation and removal water of the raw materials. compost machine is the necessary equipment to make organic fertilizer, the first step is to compost the raw materials.

Fermentation part and fertilizer formula effect organic fertilizer quality. Fermentation part key factors: microorganism, carbon and nitrogen ratio, carbon-phosphorus ratio, humidity, PH value, etc. If there is one kinds factors with bad control will effect fermention. Organic fertilizer and inorganic compound fertilizer formula are the same to inorganic fertilizer, should according to different soil, different crops with different formula, if with completely fermentation and suitable formula, the effect is better than inorganic fertilizer, low cost, can also improve crops living environment and used as grean fertilizer.
Organic fertilizer equipments is different from inorganic fertilizer equipment. Organic fertilizer pellet press equipment main contain two parts: fermentation part and production granulating part. Granulating part and inorganic fertilizer part have big difference, because organic raw material and inorganic raw material are different, inorganic raw material production can according to raw material formula chemical reaction, if with suitable formula, skilled operation, high balling rate, easier to produce.

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