Flat die pellet mill is an ideal pelletizing machine for high quality pellets

Flat die pellet mill is an ideal pelletizing machine for high quality pellets.The finished feed pellets have a smooth surface and easy to digest for animals.Flat die feed pellet mill is widely adopted by livestock farm, poultry farm, feed processing industry and aquaculture.flat die pellet mill is a kind of equipment to produce biomass fuel pellets. Based on advanced technology and property of different biomass material, we have designed a series of pellet mills with high efficiency.This type feed pellet mill could press biomass material powders, such as waste woods, branches,logs, straws, grain husks and other agro-wastes, into pellets as fuel with no binders.So the feed pellet making machine is widely used in fuel plants, timber factories, fuel plants, feed mills and other industrial factories.The animal feed flat die pellet machine can produce animal feed, organic-inorganic mixed fertilizer, bioorganic fertilizer; 

the pellets produced are even, smooth, full,  strong and with high fluidity.

Features of the Animal poultry feed pellet making machine :

1. The Animal poultry feed pellet making machines are easier to clean than the ring die pellet mill.
2. Able to change die and roller faster and easily.
3. Small and lightweight, making small-scale production possible.
4. Visibility. flat die pellet mill is possible to view into the chamber when pelletizing, you can solve any problem timely

 5. The main features of the flat die feed pellet mill: high energy efficiency, reasonable structure, work reliable, wide 

adaptability, elegant, easy to clean, easy to operate.


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