In Ribbon feed blender the powder moves from center to the end of container and end of container to the center of container

In Ribbon feed blender the powder moves from center to the end of container and end of container to the center of container. Hence requirement of total mixing time is very less and the RPM required are also very less. The dry material gets sufficient continuous movement due to the shape & movement of ribbon & shape of the container. Which moves material for good quality of blending? The unit is consist of one electrical motor, one worm reduction gear, belt drive between motor and gear, couple drive between gear to ( ribbon ) mixing stirrer. Container having four nos. of legs with discharge valve & top cover. Both end of mixing shaft is sealed with bush & PTFE gland housing & safety guards are provided on all moving parts.The machine adopts horizental body, covers small area, automatic charging, easy operate, double helix structure, simple maintenance, high efficient, save both time and labor. Complete shut–up, No vibration, no noise and dust.the feed mixing machine is very popular at home and abroad.the feed blender can also be used in powder and paste paint putty powder mixing used with feed pellet machine for feed pellet making. it is a multi-functional dry wet amphibious mixing  blender first made in China. the feed blender is suitable for building chemical, food,medicine, plastic industry and so on.the feed blender machine uses 350 type gear reducer. The mixing motor adopts 7.5KW copper wire.The support uses more upset box iron support. The bearing adopts double containment P12 bearing. The thickness of the helix is 8mm wear-resisting steel plate. All of these designs help to improve the applicability of the product and guarantee the production.

feed mixer mixer (2) IMG_0830

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