introduction of fertilizer production line/making chemical fertilizer granules

fertilizer production line introduction:
We produce and design the compound fertilizer production line according to the requirements
of fertilizer factory and fertilizer dealers, the yield is 1~100,000 tons. The raw material is fed directly
by improvement slot and unloaded directly by blender, almost achieving the object of “zero” blanking. This compound fertilizer production line uses no dry normal production process, once forming,
output 1~5t/h, less investment in equipment, taking effect quickly and better economic benefit. The whole set of compound fertilizer granulator process layout is compact, scientific and reasonable,
advanced technology, energy conservation, no three wastes discharge, steady operation,
easy maintenance, wide-ranging adaptability of raw materials.
Applications of compound fertilizer production line
This compound fertilizer production line suitable for granulating various raw materials,
such as compound fertilizers, medicine, chemicals, feed,coal, metallurgy and so on, and
can produce different concentrations and several types of compound fertilizer (organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, bio-fertilizer and magnetic fertilizer etc.).
advantages of compound fertilizer production line

1. compound fertilizer production line makes round shape fertilizer granules through extrusion and polished technology, completely resolved the traditional pelletizing problems–organic powder low shaping rate (30% more or less), now the fertilizer granulation pellet shaping rate reaches into 95%
2. compound fertilizer production line Organic fertilizer equipment can produce 2-8mm round granules, compound fertilizer and biomass compost fertilizer granules. The last pellets are very even, smooth with fine liquidity.
3.the compound fertilizer pellet machine survival ratio of microbial bacterium is over than 95%, now has reached into low temperature granule making process.
4. compound fertilizer production line is widely applied to the reuse of organic factory, feed factory, brewing plant ,refine sugar plant, paper making plant, Chinese traditional medicine plant and so on, it is the ideal equipment for organic fertilizer production.


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