widely application of manure dewater screw press equipment for sludge/animal manure

The dewater screw press is widely used for separating cow, pig, chicken, duck, goose manure, Sewage biogas slurry, lees, dregs, starch slag, slag sauce, slaughter plant with high concentration organic wastewater.The manure dewatering screw press machine manufactured by victor machinery is liquid and solid separation equipment professional for dung slurry dewatering. The liquid or slurry of manure can be pumped directly to the machine to dewatering. manure dewater screw press equipment  is suitable for paper pulp, poultry and animal feces, vinasse, methane, dining room hogwash material dehydration recycle, especially for the plant which is rich in the fiber materials dehydration recovery.
The fertilizer machine can remove water from animal manure, poultry, cow manure, chicken manure. The material through the screen to be pressed by the screw of the machine. The rotary speed of the machine can reach 45r/min, This machine has small size, ; low rotate speed; simple operation; convenient installation and maintenance; high efficiency; fast investment return, No need to add any flocculating agent.
manure dewater screw press equipment  separate the original livestock manure to liquid and solid organic fertilizer: the liquid organic fertilizer can be directly used for crops; the solid organic fertilizer can be shipped to regions that lack of fertilizer to improve the soil structure. What’s more, after fermentation, the solid organic fertilizer can be made into organic compound fertilizer.

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