Organic fertilizer crushing machine is a new and efficient single rotor reversible crusher

Organic fertilizer crushing machine is a new and efficient single rotor reversible crusher, high adaptability of material moisture content, especially for composting garbage or other material after fermentation with ≤ 30% moisture content. Flour particle size can reach 20 to 30 mesh, meeting the requirements of the general system of fertilizer granulation equipment.This fertilizer making machine is mainly applicable to crushing raw material in the compound fertilizer production. Special material chain makes the machine abrasion resistant and high efficiency.

1. Organic fertilizer crushing machine uses two rotors, two-stage crushing down. Material through higher rotor iscrushed into small particles, and then transported to the lower rotor to be crushed into fine powder, to achieve the best results, and finally discharged.
2. Organic fertilizer crushing machine has no sieve bottom, over a hundred kinds of materials can be crushed and will not be blocked, even material just pulled from water.
3. Organic fertilizer crushing machine uses high wear-resistant alloy hammer, strong resistance to grinding, increase the service life of the hammer.

4. Organic fertilizer crushing machine adopts two-way adoptable gap technology, if worn hammer, no repair, move hammer position can be continued to use. Adjusting the gap between the hammer and the liner material can control the particle size of materials.
5. Organic fertilizer crushing machine use high technology, only one person can easily operate, not only safe, reliable, and easy maintenance.

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