Organic fertilizer granulation machine of latest research and development

Organic fertilizer granulation machine, chicken manure organic fertilizer granulators, manufactured by victor machinery is the latest research and development of new organic fertilizer granulation machine, also referred to as internal mixing gear organic fertilizer granulation machine is widely used in organic fertilizer granulation.

Because the granulation rate more stable operation and equipment is durable, long life, and being selected as the ideal product for the majority of users.

Our development and production of internal-gear Pelletizer φ 600 varieties, φ 8,002 sizes also available upon request, develop and produce other kinds of stirring gear Pelletizer. Granulating machine shell is made of thick steel, durable, never distorted.

Coupled with the strong base design, which makes the organic fertilizer pellet making machine more stable. Second: how it works using mechanical mixing of high speed rotary force and the resulting aerodynamic, the fine powdery material within the machine continuously mixed, granulated and compact process, so as to meet the granulation of purpose.

Particle shape is spherical, sphericity ≥ 0.7, size usually between 0.3-3 mm, ≥ 90% granulation rate, particle sizes can be mixed through the material, and the diameter of spindle speed adjustments, usually mixed and less, higher speed, the particles smaller and vice versa.

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