Our scrap metal crusher plant is a new type crushing machine

Our scrap metal crusher plant is a new type crushing machine, the scrap metal crusher can made large waste mateiral into wealth,the metal crusher machine is mainly used for crushing various waste cans, beer cap and all kinds of metal beverage cans, paint cans, sheet metal scrap, scrap iron, tin and other metal cans,car,bike,engine.When the  metal shredder machine works, the motor drives the rotor rotate with high speed,on the rotor where installed the hammers. When the materials are feeded into the waste metal crushing machine,they are crushed due to the high speed impact of the hammer and then are thrown to the impact plates on the secondary rotor for secondary crush. Then the materials will be shot back to the hammers again for the third crush. This process repeats until the materials are crushed into the required size and discharged from outlet.

Features of  metals jaw crusher
1.  scrap metal crusher works smoothly without too much noise.
2 scrap metal crusher has strong structure and dense stiffeners  to ensure the metal crushing equipment chassis is strong.
3 the scrap metal crusher machine with the whole line,include magnetic conveyor and the cabinent.
4 the scrap  metal crusher machine has full range of control buttons.
5 the scrap metal crusher machine can produce a much higher percentage of group ball.

6.the scrap metal crusher machine we provide different capacity.

7.the metal shredder exported to Jordan,Taiwan,Pakistan,Indian,Etc

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