pan granulator is the main equipment of organic fertilizer production

pan granulator is a main organic fertilizer granulator equipment which makes powder into ball shape,the pan granulator is widely applied in cement industry, iron and steel industry,poultry farm,and organic fertilizer industry.the pan granulator features uniform ball, easily water controlling, high strength, simple structure, low energy consumption, stable operation, etc.the disc type pellet mill is a kind of molding fertilizer pellet machine used for making materials into different shapes. the pan granulator is regularly used in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food production, building material, environmental protection, printing, ceramic, rubber and plastic product manufacturing industries.

Features of pan Granulator:
◆The disc angle is designed with circular arc structure. Hence, the granulation rate may reach 93% or above.

◆The pan granulator is designed with three discharging holes, which is convenient for intermittent production work. This largely reduces labor intensity and increases working efficiency.

◆The reducer and motor are both driven by flexible belt, which ensures stable start,and the pan granulator reduced impact force and longer service life.

◆Disc bottom is reinforced by multi-strip radiation steel plates, so the pan granulator is wear resistant, durable and will never deform.

◆Thickened and strengthened granulator-base provides our disc granulator with stable operation. Therefore, our disc granulator is no need to be fixed by foundation bolts.

◆The main gear is processed by high frequency quenching technique. As a result, the lifetime of our disc granulator is greatly prolonged.

◆The pan granulator is lined with glass reinforced plastics, which is anti-corrosive and durable

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