flat die pellet mill is used to compress various raw materials into pellets

flat die pellet mill is used to compress various raw materials into pellets. Pellets are small cylindrical cylinders,and they can be produced in various lengths and diameters.There are various purposes for a pellet making machine and advantages from compressing pellet mill and Increasing Bulk Density By processing raw materials through a pellet press, the flat die pellet mill is possible to increase the bulk density 
of many raw materials, possibly by a factor often. By increasing bulk density,a larger quantity can be transported and stored within the same volume. Therefore this reduces transportation costs,and keeps the number of lorries and boats required to a minimum. Also storage space required is also reduced. So in pellet stoves for example, the hopper can hold a far greater amount of fuel in pellet form apposed to loose wood shavings.flat die feed pellet mill production of particles is high in hardness, smooth surface, internal curing, can improve digestion and absorption of nutrients. Particle formation process to make cereals, legumes trypsin resistance factor degeneration role in reducing the adverse effects on the digestion, flat die pellet mill can kill a variety of parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, reduce all kinds of vermin and digestive diseases. Compared to the mixed powder feed equipment to higher economic efficiency can be obtained.

Characteristics of flat die pellet mill

1.flat die pellet mill has structure simple, wide adaptability, small area covering, low noise.

2. Powder feed, grass powder don’t need or a little liquid can be added for granulating, so the moisture content

of granule feedstuff almost the same as moisture of granulating materials, which is benefit to store.

3. The feedstuff is for Chicken, duck, fish etc,the flat die pellet mill can get more economic benefits than mixed powder feed.

4. Dry materials processing,the feed particles with high hardness, smooth surface, internal cure, can improve

the nutrition digestion and absorption.

5. When processing,grains or beans pancreatic enzyme boycott factor produces denaturation effect, the flat die pellet mill  can

reducing the bad effect on the digestive,killing many kinds of parasitic ovum and other pathogens,reducing bred

worms and the digestive system diseases.

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