rotary type fertilizer screener machine for fertilizer production plant use

Our fertilizer screener machine includes rotary fertilizer screener machine and vibrating fertilizer screener machine.The fertilizer equipment are used for screening fertilizer granules which is a common equipment for fertilizer plant to produce fertilizer granules with fertilizer pellet machine.So that screen the powder and improve granule quality.They are a essential machine in fertilizer manufacturing production line.Rotary fertilizer sieve machine is with a strong capability, good sifting effect, easy structure, conveninent operation.The function is to sieve the compound fertilizer, the qualified product could through it and be conveyed to the coating equipment, and the unqualified product would be recycle to the previous procedures to granulate again.

advantages and features of fertilizer screener machine

1) the fertilizer screener machine is suitable to separate various materials included poor quality of coal, coal slime, or soot.
2) fertilizer screener machine do not require special facility and suitable for various material feeding methods.
3) fertilizer screener machine has higher efficiency by the installation of comb shape screen structure.
4) Cylindrical shape of screen provided larger surface area which has higher possibility of materials to contact with the screen mesh; therefore, it has higher capacity and more effective.
5) fertilizer screener machine is a energy saving equipment.
6) Thefertilizer screener machine is fully sealed with a cover to minimize the suspension of fine material in the air during the operation, able to avoid working environment pollution.
7) Since it is covered, less noise pollution during the operation.
8) fertilizer screener machine is durable and low maintenance cost.

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