round pan type organic fertilizer pellet machine turning organic into fertilizer

round pan type organic fertilizer pellet machine is used for producing the medium to low concentration of compound fertilizers. Adjust the obliquity of ball dish between 45 degree and 55 degree, the rate of being ball is high, the granule is full, the operation and maintenance are convenient.the organic fertilizer pellet machine is one of common fertilizer granulator equipment in compound fertilizer
industry. Generally, the pan granulator is applicable to organic fertilizer granulating machine of medium and  low concentration. The slope degree of its pan can be adjusted from
40 degree to 55 degree.The pan revolves at a certain angle with the horizontal plane driven by the motor through reducer. The powder will rise along with the revolving pan under the friction between the powder and the pan, on the other hand, the powder will fall down under the function of its gravity. At the same time, the powder is to the pan edge because of the centrifugal force. The powder material rolls in a certain trace under the function of these three forces. It gradually becomes the required size, then overflows by the pan edge.the organic fertilizer pellet machine has the advantages of high granulating rate, homogeneous grain, high strength, easy to operate, convenient maintenance.

pan fertilizer pellet machine pan fertilizer pellet machine

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