scrap metal crusher has two parts need to be checked every month

scrap metal crusher has two parts need to be checked every month, as the input material changes, or working condition varies, you should pay special attention for these parts.Once you buy metal crusher from zhengzhou victor machinery, we will offer a set of rear parts with the main metal crusher machine,

Parts for option

    1) If you need a full metal shredding line, then you need consider about belt conveyor, screw conveyor, the dust parts, you can contact with me before buying.

    2)Hydrulic parts, this part helps to open the body of crusher easily, the metal shredder is good for maintenance,  without this part, you need to consider if you have a lifter, or a crane to lift the upper part to open the crusher, or check&replace the net and hammers.

    3)Magnet rolls.  This part is function when the raw materials contain both steel, iron and alumium or iron mixed in glass or plastic such condition. It is part set on the belt conveyor.

    4)Conveyor  Input & output conveyor can be screw conveyor or belt conveyor, the difference is up to your plant situation. Belt conveyor need larger area but it is lower price than screw conveyor, while screw conveyor takes less space, but price is higher.

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