the whole maize thresher machine adopts a whole stainless steel manufacturing

the whole maize thresher machine adopts a whole stainless steel manufacturing,matching with a feet round to move convenience ;The operation is in brief and also suitable for various sweet Corn Thresher.

*The the maize thresher machine adaptability is strong — Since the in keeping with factory turns large-scale production,also adapting family workshop to process.

*The maize thresher machine utilization is high — Taking off a grain of depth wants to adjust,sweet corn’s shelling a clean rate can reach to 100%.

*Follow a service — Life long free provide a technique service with zero accessorieses supply,zero accessorieses press product cost price to provide to the customer,the customer uses trust.

This corn sheller is our new developed models which can be used to peel the corn skin the thresh the corn seed once. Labor saving: The corn peeling and threshing machine has filled the market gap in the agricultural market.

the maize thresher machine produced by victor machinery has released the farmers from the heavy manual labor, changed the traditional peeling way. Also, it has won the trust of people because of the time saving and labor saving.

Features of corn thresher
The working process of corn peeler and sheller machine is divided intotwo steps, first pee the skin, second threshing corn seed from corn cob.This corn peeler and sheller machine adopts the peeling and threshing automatic regulation device, so as to reach the effects of peeling,threshing clean and the corncob will not be broken.

corn peeler machine 1

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