There are two types of dual-corn sheller machine

There are two types of dual-corn sheller machine, one peeling and threshing done in two steps, the other is peeling and threshing time molding.Dual threshing corn thresher machine (corn peeling thresher) twice finished device, simply replace the rotor, to complete the conversion of two functions do not replace the motor.Dual shelling  machine corn peeling (peeling corn sheller)
equipment for forming the upper and lower structure, the upper
portion of the stripping section, the lower part of the threshing
section, out from the stripping section directly into the ear of corn
threshing threshing section, such mechanical equipment forming can also be used separately, are friends of farmers is a good helper.except corn sheller machine,victor machinery also manufactured wheat thresher for farmer use

features and advantages of corn sheller machine

1.Also can connect with all kinds of motor single-phase three-phase can.

2.Advanced technical performance, high quality, high efficiency.

3. Save labour, convenient, safe, reliable, and power, energy consumption is low, small work efficiency.

4.This machine has two big performance [1] can tear skin [2] can threshing points two times completed. After the skin, tear ripped skin part of the rotor [4 a shaft change. If both threshing threshing rotor, need not change motor, energy.

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