tips of ensuring disc fertilizer granulator high yield you should know

in order to guarantee the normal operation and high yield of the disc granulator equipment, there are some operating common senses you need to know.
1. The disc fertilizer granulating machine can’t run while it is under totally cool condition, meanwhile operation without materials inside is also not allowed. So the disc granulator is necessary to heat the equipment for a certain temperature before start running.
2. Remember commissioning all aspects of the disc fertilizer making machine equipment to make sure that everything was normal before start the production.
3. The workers should observe the temperature of the disc organic fertilizer production equipment at any time when the disc disc fertilizer granulator machine is running so that you can timely solve and handle some abnormal phenomena occurred.

4. After finishing a working day’s production, must clean up the chamber and spare parts of the equipment to ensure better operation next time.
5. As is known to all, if you want to extend the service life of a machine, good maintenance and repair are of great importance. The disc fertilizer granulator machine has no exception.

6. You can’t reverse the operation as the disc fertilizer granulator machine is in operation, which may lead to machine blocking and influence the smooth production.

7. Please ensure that no debris or clutters especially metals come into the feed port to avoiding unnecessary malfunctions or wear of the disc fertilizer granulator machine

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