use new organic fertilizer equipment to turn high moisture garbage into organic fertilizer

With the social economic development a popular and novel organic fertilizer equipment—-self-propelled compost turning machine has emerged solve this problem. It can make those dirty household into valuable organic fertilizer. Not only deal with the household garbage but also make the garbage into a kind of wealth. Here we will illustrate this advanced composting method in details to help you have a better understanding.

Turn Household Garbage into Organic Fertilizer
The main process of organic fertilizer making is fermentation, that is adding bacterial species in the raw materials and stirring with the organic fertilizer compost turning machine. Generally 7 to 10 days is OK, which plays sterilization and deodorant effect as well as produce beneficial bacteria. The standard of moisture content is 40%-50%. However, there are some tips you should pay more attention to, including: choose a proper space which has adequate room, convenient operation and good drainage system for the organic fertilizer processing. Collect raw materials, here refers to various city life wastes,household garbage and lay them in a long pile. Turn the pile regularly everyday by the compost turning machine to meet the the growing demands of the bacterial species.

After complete fermentation, the finished product organic fertilizer is formed and can be sold organic fertilizer pellet machine is one of organic fertilizer production equipment. It is the latest product of institute of agricultural machinery with years of experience in organic fertilizer processing equipment design and development, has won the national utility model patent.It is used for granulation of fermented organic matter to break through conventional granulation process, Before te granulation, no need to dry the raw materials, raw materials and ingredients can be processed directly after smashing a spherical particle, can save large amounts of energy.Production of particles as spherical, organic content of up to 100%, granulation achieving pure organics, organic particles can be characteristic of the role must be able to inlay each other growing up, granulation without a bonding agent.Particle strong granulation to screening, reduced drying energy, raw materials and water included in 20%-40%.

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