victor machinery provide corn sheller thresher machine to tear the skin and shell the kernel

victor machinery provide corn sheller thresher machine to tear the skin and shell the kernels.this corn sheller thresher machine Structure: The main working parts of the corn sheller is installed on the machine rotor, through the rotor and the drum hit and threshing. the corn thresher is more widely used types of the corn sheller.the threshing machine has small size, light weight, simple operation, easy maintenance, high production efficiency.the corn sheller thresher Inlet is located in front of the threshing machine. Put the dried corn into the feed inlet, the axis of roller stripping, threshing, separation, Corn cleanliness has rare broken rate and Less Corn kernels in the doping impurities, increasing the amount of harvested crops.The main working parts of the corn sheller is installed on the machine rotor, through the rotor and the drum hit and threshing. It is more widely used types of the corn sheller thresher

Feature of Corn sheller thresher

1. The corn sheller thresher machine adopts four shaft  structure for medium sized sheller, reasonable feed entrance design,  the user can use shovel to feeding  directly .  

2.Shelling draft is far from feeding mouth, and was protected by 

shield strictly, no leak, not easily risk, more safe and reliable.

3.Adopt an advanced skinning design, pure rate is high, broken core  less.

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