we utilize advanced manufacturing equipment and technology to produce sulfur based ammoniation

we utilize advanced manufacturing fertilizer granulator equipment and technology to produce sulfur based ammoniation fertilizer granulation equipment, as well as urea granulation process equipment, etc.

Sulfuric acid-ammonia pipe reactor is designed based on TVA’s sulfuric acid-ammonia double-nozzle technology. That is, our sulfur based ammoniation compound fertilizer granulator utilizes a tubular reactor to replace traditional acid-ammonia nozzle, and it now adopts a hanging pipe reactor in stead of original embedded double-nozzle. Thus, improved fertilizer equipment features higher flexibility, higher quality, and higher operational reliability. Meanwhile, the production cost of our sulfur based ammoniation fertilizer granulator is also reduced.

Working Principle and Advantages of compound fertilizer granulator
The following will describe for you the working principle and advantages of our sulfur based ammoniation fertilizer granulation machine, when the compound fertilizer production equipment is used to produce potassium sulfate compound fertilizers.
1. The reaction between potassium chloride and sulfuric acid produces potassium sulfate and hydrogen chloride gas. With temperature dropping, produced hydrogen chloride gas will combine with H2O and form into 31% hydrochloric acid.
2. Put potassium hydrogen sulfate and liquid ammonia into the pipe reactor, and then we will be able to obtain high temperature slurry after the reaction between them.
3. Produced high temperature slurry is injected into sulfur based ammoniation fertilizer granulation equipment. Thus, the slurry, raw materials and returning materials will be mixed together and then form into particles. The granulating rate reaches 80%.
4. Our compound fertilizer equipment is equipped with a high efficiency and energy saving hot blast stove. Specially designed fan can satisfy the different demands on hot air.
5. This compound fertilizer pellet machine equipment is designed with rational cooling capacity. We can also provide special anti-blocking agent, thus avoiding the aggregating of potassium sulfate.
6. Our sulfur based ammoniation compound fertilizer granulator equipment adopts highly efficient Venturi dust collector, cyclone dust separator and horizontal spray tank to deal with the dust and exhaust gas at production site, complying with emission standard.
7. compound fertilizer granulator utilizes DCS standby centralized control method to control the dosing and production process, which helps ensure production condition and product quality.

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