wide use flat die pellet machine turning animal manure into granules

Our company is a qualified pellet mill manufacturer which specializes in developing, producing and marketing top class feed machinery, feed pellet production lines, feed curing machines, various biomass granule production lines designation,manufacturing and installation. The flat die fertilizer pellet machine is applicable for biomass forming materials with low adhesion rate & low moisture of 25 % bellow, such as crop stalks /straws, including rice/sunflower husk, peanut,fruit shell; wood fiber, including cornstalk wood chips, sawdust, wood shaving branch, stem,bark & wood waste.the animal manure pellet machine is an ideal dense compression pellet molding equipment for organic fertilizer production and animal feed pellet production.

what features the manure pellet machine has?

1.the flat die manure pellet machine is an automation equipment,wiith automatic oil -supply device ,which can save a lot maintenance time.

2. Horse manure fertilizer making machine can forming with moisture less than 15%.

3.With high accuracy specification,simple structure, easy operation, high automation,save labor,mold and gear are made of stainless steel.

4.the flat die manure pellet machine has wide scope :All kinds of biomass raw material ,industrial waste It can convert biomass raw material and solid waste into energy fuel with high density.

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